EasyRCA Core Features & Technical Specs

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EasyRCA Core Features


EasyRCA Program Dashboard

Failure Trend Analysis
Corrective action tracker
RCA execution analysis
  • Sortable table for RCAs across your organization based on Owner, Cost, Status, Tasks and Dates
RCA status manager
  • Track RCAs from beginning to end
  • Statuses include Pending, In Progress, Review, Complete & Archive

RCA Team Manager

Live team training and onboarding
  • Get your team up and running with a live team training given by one of our EasyRCA experts
Real-time Collaboration
  • Multiple users can edit RCA logic trees simultaneously
Add Users, Create Groups
  • Easily add, pause, and assign users
  • Create asset, location, or people based groups
Email Reminders
  • Weekly reminders for outstanding tasks
  • Weekly RCA Program summary (coming soon)

RCA Asset Manager

RCA Trainer

RCA 101 (all users)30-day access
Quarterly expert consulting support (enterprise clients)1.5 hours live-virtual support from Reliability expert to support most critical RCA problems and ongoing investigations
RCA 201 (team + enterprise)30-day access

EasyRCA Integrations

Custom Integration with SAP, Maximo, and other systems (additional pricing)
Single-Sign On (req. upgrade to Enterprise) Support for Azure Active Directory SSO through its support for OpenID Connect (OIDC) for authentication

Tech Support

For Accounts with 10+ Subscriptions
For Accounts with 10+ SubscriptionsDedicated Account Manager & Account Setup
Ticketing system used for all support issues
Quick & Thorough Response
Online FAQs and Videos
Live, 8:00 aM to 5:00 pM EST Support by phone, email and chat

Technical Specs & Security

Mobile/Desktop Web Application
  • Available 24/7 - Globally
  • IT Independent | No Downloads
  • Data storage up to 30GB per user
  • Regular "Save-As-You-Go" Data Backups
Cybersecurity Compliance
  • Build on AWS and Heroku, exclusively
  • ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 platform provider
  • PostgreSQL database encrypted-at-rest
  • SOC 1, 2, and 3 platform provider
  • A+ TLS rating, encrypted-in-transit
  • Critical bugs fixed remotely as needed
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